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Meling -20°C~-40°C low temperature freezer DW-FL678 medical freezer is equipped with high-quality refrigeration system for fast cooling. The high-precision temperature control system can display various parameters simultaneously, including power voltage, temperature inside the cabinet and environmental temperature, which can indicate the operation status clearly. CSZ Industrial Freezers - Ultra-Low Temperature FreezersOur freezers are premier, ultra-low temperature industrial freezers. These chambers are designed with heavy-duty construction, our units are built-to-last for years of trouble-free operation. These freezers are primarily used for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, martensiting, dimensional stabilization, epoxy storage Cold Storage (Refrigerators/Freezers) - Performance Completed several -80C sub-freezer qualifications (IQ/OQ/PQ) for a central cell bank lab at a large pharmaceutical manufacturer. Development and execution of a -80C ultra low freezer qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) for a contract pharmaceutical packaging company. Completed a walk-in freezer qualification for a plasma processing/storage facility.

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Short period storage within weeks can be done at -18 to -30°C using mechanical freezers. Medium period storage within 1-3 months can be done at -30 to -50°C using mechanical freezers. Long period storage within 6-12 months can be done at -50 to -80°C using ultra low mechanical freezers. Freezers - Blue Star IndiaMedical Refrigeration Products. Reliable storage. Exceptional control. Blue Star, India's leading Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company now brings you freezers and refrigerators in various series, with low and ultra low temperature settings, for scientific and medical purposes. Low Temp & Ultra Low Temp Freezers (-40, -86, -150 Laboratory Ref/Fzr Combo Units Medical Refrigerators Medical Refrigerators are specifically designed to meet the demanding temperature requirements for safe vaccine storage. With temperature ranges between 35°F to 46°F, these medical refrigerators will securely store a wide range of vaccines, such as Influenza, rotavirus and MMRV. Medical Cold Storage Vaccine and Temperature MonitoringMonitor medical grade refrigerators and freezers. Sensaphone systems help you verify that everything is constantly stored at the correct temperature. Our units monitor standard freezer temperatures and even ultra-low freezer temperatures (-80 °C).

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When you need clinical-grade storage it's important to choose a refrigerator or freezer that is designed specifically for the demands that come with these kinds of environments. Whether it's a concern with temperature variation impacting sensitive materials, size, sound, energy use, or all of the above and more, we have the storage solution for you and for the needs of your environment. Stirling Ultracold Save Energy With Ultra-Low FreezersUltra-low temperature freezer energy savings. Lowest lifetime cost. No compressors to fail. Ideal for lab storage. Contact Stirling Ultracold today. Thermo Scientific Forma FDE Series Ultra-Low Temperature Description. Part of the Standard Performance (STP) family, Thermo Scientific Forma FDE Series ultra-low temperature freezers, powered by H-drive, feature four upright models, maximizing storage capacity from 30,000 up to 60,000 2 mL vials. UPS Readies Freezer Farms to Ship Virus Vaccine -- If We Aug 03, 2020 · At one of the freezer farms developed for Covid-19 vaccine storage in Venlo, The Netherlands, UPS will be able to fit up to 300 ultra low freezers.

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-86°C ultra-low upright freezer is perfect for ultralow cold storage of sample and products. Z-SC1 unique single-compressor design offers ultra-low power consumption, very low noise, and ease of maintenance. Natural refrigerants minimize energy consumption, reduce environmental impact Ultra Low Temperature FreezersCold Storage Solutions . Automated Sample Storage. Controlled Rate Freeze/Thaw Chamber . Cryogenic Storage . Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers . Pharmacy Refrigerators . Ultra Low Temperature Freezers . Containment Systems . Anaerobic Chamber . Biosafety Cabinets . Ductless Fume Extractor . Ductless Fume Hoods . Glove Box . Laminar Flow Hoods Ultra-Low Temperature 4.6 cu.ft. Chest Freezer for Aug 20, 2014 · The Norlake 4.6 cubic foot top loading ultra-low chest freezer now available from Tovatech offers government, private and educational research facilities a high performance ultra low temperature cold storage solution in a small package. It requires a footprint less than 33 inches square and is just 46 inches high. Understanding Medical & Laboratory Refrigeration Medical or laboratory freezers have different requirements depending on what they are storing. Ultra low laboratory freezers are generally classified by their temperature, with units that can reach between -45º and -85ºC. Other temperature classes include -35º, -30º, and -25ºC, while more standard freezers run between -10º and -20ºC.

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Our units monitor standard freezer temperatures and even ultra-low freezer temperatures (-80 °C). They can also monitor critical conditions like power failure, equipment failure, and water leaks, providing instant alerts via phone, email or text when a condition falls outside your preset parameter. You get a cost-effective early warning system.

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