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aluminum bitumen asphalt tank manufacturer

 · Web viewSheet 1 20150204_ cc 01012100 0 01012900 10 01013010 01013090 01019000 01022100 01022900 01023100 01023900 01029010 01029090 01031000 01039110 · Web viewExplosion-proof engineering, public safety, eight technical services in the areas of expertise, the barrier to prevent the explosion-proof materials, tanks, tank sales and tanks, tank cleaning, barrier Ex engineering design, installation, maintenance, pet Henan Oasis Technology 2011125111B0008 3733520000 · Web viewTotal length of the road is 3620.3m, road width is 50m, of which, 24m motor lane, 10m sidewalks and 6m virescence isolation belt. The road is designed according to grade-II urban trunk road and bitumen pavement. It will pave the pipe lines of rainwater, sewage, water supply and street lamp. Changde City Jindan Road Construction Liu Jianping

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